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Guided Fishing Tours in Southern Alberta

Welcome to Alberta Fishing Charters!

We are a 100% Alberta-owned and operated fishing tour company based in Calgary, Alberta Canada and Bassano, Alberta. Alberta Fishing Charters offers fully guided fishing trips at several lake locations in the Calgary region and surrounding areas in Southern Alberta. We also provide Ice fishing guided tours throughout the winter months. Target fish species include Northern Pike & Walleye. 

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Experienced Fishing Guides

Alberta has many different lakes to explore and catch incredible fish that are sure to leave a lasting memory and make for some great photos. Enjoy a fun and relaxing time with our expert fishing guides as they take you out to the best fishing spots Calgary and southern Alberta has to offer. We pride ourselves on being able to give our clients an impeccable experience and give them the opportunity to catch lake monsters that have escaped their grasp previously. Our customers enjoy the thrill of reeling in several hundred fish each year catching your fix of Northern Pike and Walleye on every trip we charter. 

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Fishing Tours Throughout Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Depending on the climate and time of the year, we can provide fishing tours twelve months of the year and get your angling itch scratched. Once spring comes around, we are able to take our clients out to several incredible fishing spots all the way through summer and into fall and the winter ice fishing season. Allowing you to experience the epic battles that come along with catching Northern Pike & Walleye and more!

*Our lake locations include: Lake Newell, Crawling Valley Reservoir, Badger Reservoir, Lake McGregor, Eagle Lake, Rolling Hills Reservoir, Carolside Reservoir and others!*

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Ice Fishing near Calgary and Southern Alberta

Fishing doesn’t stop for us once the snowy winter season hits Southern Alberta. Join an expert guide for a fun day of ice fishing in the beautiful Calgary region. Travel to places like Crawling Valley Reservoir to catch your fishy accolades. We take care of the hard stuff, and you fish. Sound like a plan? Start your ice fishing season on a high note. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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The Rush of Fishing our lakes in Alberta

Alberta is a very special place to experience the wonders of nature. We have many different ecosystems to visit, camp, hike, and most importantly, fish in Southern Alberta and the Rockies. We have researched and studied nearly all of the best lakes to cast in and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed after a day out on the water with Alberta Fishing Charters.

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Thinking about booking your fishing trip with Alberta Fishing Charters? Contact us right away to get your spot scheduled and ready to go for the upcoming spring, summer, or fall months including the winter ice fishing season! Our schedule fills up quickly, so now is the time to reserve your spot so you can make sure you don’t miss out on any of this year’s fun and adventure.

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Fishing Trip Options

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Winter Ice Fishing

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need a fishing license to fish in Alberta if you’re over 16. Licenses can be purchased online through the AlbertaRELM system or in person at authorized vendors.

Yes, many fishing guides and outfitters in Alberta can provide guided fishing trips. Alberta Fishing Charters is a fully trained fishing tour provider that offers several trip options for an enjoyable fishing experience in Calgary and surrounding areas, including southern Alberta. They provide fishing tours year-round, including ice fishing tours during winter.

Fishing in Alberta can be an exciting and rewarding experience for seasoned and beginner anglers. Some beginner tips include researching the type of fish you want to catch, learning about the fishing regulations in your area, and practicing basic casting and reeling techniques. 

Yes, ice fishing is a popular activity in Alberta during the winter months. However, following safety guidelines and checking ice conditions is essential before heading out onto frozen lakes and rivers. Alberta Fishing Charters provides information on ice fishing regulations and safety tips during your ice fishing trip with them.

Alberta offers a variety of unique fishing experiences, such as fishing in our local reservoirs, ice fishing on frozen lakes, and fishing for trophy-sized Walleye and Northen Pike in remote areas of our lakes. Contact our team for information on these experiences, guided fishing trips, and outfitters.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online through the AlbertaRELM system or in person at authorized vendors such as sporting goods stores, convenience stores, and gas stations. 

Alberta has many fish species that can be caught during summer, including Rainbow trout, Northern pike, and Walleye. Our Knowledgeable Angling guides provide information on where to find these fish and tips for catching them while on a guided private fishing trip with us.

Fishing tours near you can vary in length depending on the provider and the type of tour you choose. Some of our Alberta Fishing Tours may last a few hours, while others may last a full day or more.

It depends on the tour provider. Some fishing tours near you may include all necessary equipment, while others may require you to bring your own. Be sure to check with the tour provider beforehand. Alberta Fishing Charters always provides everything required for use during your private fully guided trip.

The bull trout and lake sturgeon both have a zero possession limit in Alberta, meaning it must be released immediately if caught.

The best time of year for a fishing trip depends on the species of fish you’re targeting and the location you’re fishing in. Some species are more active during certain seasons, and weather conditions can also affect fishing.

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