When adventure calls, pick up the phone and tell it you want to go fishing in Calgary.

From the fresh air and rewarding feeling of making a big catch to the stories told and the new ones that’ll unfold, fishing is a timeless hobby that truly enables you to reel in some happiness.

Curious as to why Alberta is a true paradise for anglers?

Hop on our boat and ripple through our ultimate guide to fishing in Alberta. Discover the best seasons, spots, and guided trip options!


Table of Contents | Fishing in Alberta: Seasons, Spots, and Guided Trip Options

  1. When is Fishing Season in Alberta?
  2. Where are the Best Fishing Spots in Alberta?
  • Lake Newell
  • Crawling Valley Reservoir
  • Badger Reservoir
  • Lake McGregor
  • Rolling Hills Reservoir
  • Carolside Reservoir
  1. Guided Fishing Trips in Alberta
  2. Meet Your Ultimate Alberta Fishing Guide
  3. Book an Alberta Fishing Trip Today


When is Fishing Season in Alberta?

The best part about having fishing as a hobby is that it typically doesn’t require you to wait until a specific season before you can embark on a great adventure. Depending on the climate of the day, you can count on Alberta Fishing Charters to provide fishing tours twelve months of the year.

However, spring still tends to be the most popular season for fishing. That’s because warmer weather activates lake and river ecosystems, which elevates the experience for anglers.

When we flip the calendar to spring months, that’s when anglers know they can experience several incredible fishing spots all the way through summer and into fall.

And when winter sets in—that’s a whole new icy wonderland that will make the most wonderful time of the year even better. The winter ice fishing season means you’re in for epic battles that come along with catching Northern Pike, Walleye, and so much more!

So the next time you ask yourself “When is fishing season in Alberta?” Just remember that we’ll be your ultimate Alberta fishing guide to year-round fantastic catches.

Where are the Best Fishing Spots in Alberta?

An angler holding a fish they caught during an Alberta fishing trip

Alberta’s known for its nature-centric, picturesque scenery—and the only thing missing from this view is you showing off your big catch for the camera. (Don’t forget to display that photo in your home too as a trophy for your hard work!)

It’s no secret that anglers can live their best life in Alberta—where there’s definitely no shortage of incredible fishing spots. But exactly where should you be heading to, you might ask?

Take it from the pros—Alberta Fishing Charter’s lake locations include the following: Lake Newell, Crawling Valley Reservoir, Badger Reservoir, Lake McGregor, Rolling Hills Reservoir, Carolside Reservoir and others. True adventure awaits in these fishing havens.

1. Lake Newell – A Boater’s Bounty

First up on our list of spots for fishing in Alberta is Lake Newell.

Nestled in the heart of Alberta’s Southern prairies, it’s a sprawling oasis known for its sun-drenched days and cool, clear waters. This large artificial lake is a prime hotspot for those who love combining boating adventures with their fishing trips. Cast your line for an array of fish including walleye, pike, and perch. With ample room for water sports and sailing, Lake Newell is the perfect summer getaway for the whole family!

2. Crawling Valley Reservoir – The Walleye Wonderland

The Crawling Valley Reservoir is a serene destination renowned for its walleye, northern pike, and yellow perch population. With enhanced shorelines, the reservoir provides comfortable spots for anglers who prefer to stay on land (not everyone is immune to seasickness, after all!) Whether you’re a seasoned caster or just dipping your toes into the fishing world, Crawling Valley is a delightful spot to unwind and hook a memorable catch.

Fun fact: Did we mention you can also camp at the nearby Crawling Valley Campground? All you have to do is set that alarm clock—and you can easily wake up to start fishing at the crack of dawn.

3. Badger Reservoir – A Hidden Gem

Who doesn’t seek tranquillity away from the crowds once in a while?

If that made you nod in agreement, then we’ll let you in on a little secret: Badger Reservoir offers an idyllic Alberta fishing trip escape from all the city noise. (But shhhh…promise not to tell anyone else!)

It might be quite tiny but don’t underestimate how terrific it can be. This mighty reservoir is home to a treasure trove of pike and walleye. Expect the waters here to be calm and inviting—a winning formula that leads to a peaceful day of fishing.

Fun fact: Surrounded by Alberta’s natural splendour, you’re likely to wave hello as you encounter wildlife species too, like owls and white-tailed deer.

4. Lake McGregor – An Angler’s Oasis

Lake McGregor is a versatile and vibrant fishing destination where you’ll find a plethora of fish—including Walleye and Northern Pike. The lake’s diverse habitats make it an intriguing spot for those keen on discovering new fishing techniques.

Fun fact: If you’re up for a little challenge, then the windy waters of Lake McGregor are here to put your fishing skills to the test. Make sure to hold on tight at this Alberta fishing spot, friends!

5. Rolling Hills Reservoir – The Family Favourite

Transform your typical fishing trip into a memorable getaway for the whole family at Rolling Hills Reservoir where pike and walleye are the stars of the waters.

Looking for designated swimming areas? Check.

Playgrounds? Check

Picnic areas? Check.

Safe and accessible shores? Check.

Fun fact: Designed to cater to the whole family, Rolling Hills Reservoir is the perfect place to introduce your little ones to the joy of fishing. Offering abundant fish stocks—so the odds are much higher that you’ll make a successful catch.


6. Carolside Reservoir – The Quietude Quencher

So here’s another serene Alberta fishing location that’s *almost* top secret: Carolside Reservoir.

This secluded sanctuary is a lesser-known retreat that’s perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in nature’s stillness while patiently waiting to snag some of the local pike and walleye. 

Fun fact: You’ll also find an established campsite in the area where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a campfire after enjoying a day of fishing in Calgary. 


Guided Fishing Trips in Alberta For Spring, Summer, and Fall

Now that you know all about the top locations for fishing, it’s time to start planning for the ultimate escapade! 

Check out our 4 incredible fishing trip options below:

1. (Trophy) Walleye & Pike Fishing Trip

Schedule      May 8 through October 31
Duration      7 Hours
Price for 2 People      $699/day
Additional Person      $150/day for each extra person
  • Expert Alberta fishing guide for the day
  • High-quality lake charts combined with our GPS locations
  • Aluminum deep V fishing boat (with comfortable seating)
  • Rods, reels, tackle, and safety equipment


Are you ready for the ultimate hunt? A trophy in the form of Northern Pike that can reach sizes over 40″ and Walleye up to 30″ can be yours. All you have to do is say “yes” to the adventure.

A trip to our designated trophy lakes means getting the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime—one that you can low-key brag about to your friends, kids, neighbours, or anyone in the world who’d take a keen interest in your exciting angler chronicles. But don’t fret; you won’t be alone in this quest. Our expert fishing guide, who’s equipped with high-quality lake charts combined with our GPS locations, is here to help you walk back on land as a true champion.

Because our aluminum deep V fishing boat is fully equipped with all rods, reels, tackle, safety equipment, comfortable seating, all you need to bring is a hearty meal and fishing licenses— heavy packing necessary with our convenient trips.

Our trophy trips are perfect for those looking for a quick day trip from Calgary or the surrounding areas. With the lakes located in sunny Southern Alberta, they make for an easy drive that enables you to be back home by the end of the day. But if you’re in for an adventure that includes accommodations near the lakes, our team will happily arrange that for you as well.


2. Guided Lake Fishing – Northern Pike & Walleye (Calgary, Alberta Region) 

Schedule      May 8 through October 31
Duration      up to 7 hours
Price for 2 People      $599/Day
Additional Person      $100/Day for each extra person
  • Catch guarantee: 100% of the trip value will be refunded if the boat does not hook into any fish
  • Experienced Alberta fishing guide
  • Fully guided fishing for Northern Pike & Walleye
  • Aluminum deep V fishing boat (with comfortable seating)
  • Rods, reels, tackle, bait


Our Guided Lake Fishing trips tackle the great local lakes of Southern Alberta, which are different locations from the Trophy trips. You’re in for an exciting, fully guided adventure to catch some Northern Pike and Walleye.

We make fishing in Calgary more fun and convenient than ever—all the fishing equipment you need is provided by us; you can leave that heavy backpack at home to lift the weight off your shoulders. Plus, you can count on our team to arrange accommodations near the lakes if you want to turn it into an overnight adventure. But if you prefer to be back home by the end of the day, our Guided Lake Fishing trip locations are always an easy drive back.


3. Early Riser Trip

Schedule      May through September
Duration      7 AM to 10 AM
Price for 2 People      $350
Additional Person      $50 for 3rd person
  • Expert Alberta fishing guide
  • Private fully guided fishing for Northern Pike & Walleye
  • Top-quality rods, reels, and baits

Forget catching worms. In our world, the early bird catches the fish.

So rise, shine, and pick up that rod to reel in Walleye & Northern Pike with our best baits.

Simply bring your valid Alberta Sportfishing licenses and we’ll take care of everything else for you during this 3-hour excursion. This trip is perfect for anglers who want to catch a few fish before the intense summer heat sets in later on in the day.


4. Sunset Trip

Schedule      May through October
Duration      6:30 PM to 9.30 PM
Price for 2 People      $350
Additional Person      $50 for 3rd person
  • Expert fishing guide
  • Private fully guided fishing for Northern Pike & Walleye
  • Top-quality rods, reels, and baits


Don’t call it a day until you’ve caught that prized fish.

For the night owls who want to experience a picture-perfect scene of making a big catch against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, this Alberta fishing trip’s for you!

Why is sunset such a popular time for fishing you might ask?

Well, that’s because lakes tend to be very peaceful during this time of day—and yet both Walleye & Northern Pike typically feed aggressively from 6.30 pm!

So prep your night vision and valid Alberta Sportfishing licenses; we’ve got everything else covered for you, brave anglers.  

Meet Your Ultimate Alberta Fishing Guide

If you’ve been throwing in your rod looking for the ultimate Alberta fishing guide—you’ve just reeled in the perfect catch: Alberta Fishing Charters.

Having acquired over 40 years of fishing knowledge in the region has enabled us to design exceptional fishing trips in the Calgary & Southern Alberta region that keep anglers coming back for more.

Specializing in targeting Northern Pike & Walleye in Southern Alberta, we provide many tips and tricks of the trade to hone your skills even further.

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