Finally! A break in the weather! Wow, what a cold snap we just broke out of in Alberta. The last week of December and first week of January have been punishing in relation to typical winter weather. We have been slower then normal as we needed to reschedule bookings due to extreme cold warnings issued from environment Canada, as it wasn’t safe for anyone to travel in those conditions.

We are now seeing a nice warm up in mid-January with great ice conditions and good access to all our hot spots on the lakes.

What sets us apart is the fact all of our trips are fully guided, so we are continuously moving locations to stay on the fish and changing tactics to stay on the bite which sets us apart from the rental shack companies who set up permanent shelters for the winter and leave them in the same place week after week.

We provide not only the best locations to set you up for success, but valuable lessons, tips, and tricks throughout the day that would normally take years to learn if ice fishing on your own.

Now’s the time to book a date and to get out and take advantage nice weather! You will have the choice of lakes and species to target which include Northern Pike, Walleye, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout and Rocky Mountain Whitefish.