July 2021 Fishing Report

The weather in June was fantastic for the Northern Pike fishing and Walleye fishing. The lakes continued to be below average for water temperatures in the first 3 weeks of June, which held the larger Pike and Walleye in the shallower water later into the month. The last week of June, 2021 seen all time heat temperature records broke in the Calgary region and several other locations across Western Canada. These record breaking temperatures drove fish out into the main lake basins for refuge in the deep cooler water. We have hooked up into several Northern Pike as deep as 30 feet of water during the last week of June which is earlier in the season than normal. The Walleye fishing continues to be hot in the early morning hours on warm days with clear sunny skies.

The best place to be on a hot summer day is on the water, as the wind blowing across the lake acts as mother nature’s air conditioning!