June, 2022 Fishing Report


The catching continues! Lot’s of high catch days for Northern Pike with the continuing trend of cooler than average water temperatures. The Walleye are moving into the main lake and are now catching them in the deeper water. We are still catching some Walleye with the Pike in shallow weed beds as well. The larger Pike are moving out of the spawning bays into the deeper weed beds and will be more dispersed for the summer.

The opportunity to hook into some nice Walleye in the 25-30” or 6 to 10 pound range is now with our Trophy trips.

Our guarantee catch trip is seeing high catch rates of mid ranged Walleye in the 17-23” or 2 to 4 pound range, and Northern Pike in the 25-30” or 4-10 pound range. These high catch rates should continue right thru the summer with our guarantee catch trips!